Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Release date: January 7th, 2014

Latest marketing blurb:

When Garrett Reilly, a 26-year-old bond trader in New York City, discovers that someone is selling off US Treasuries to attack the American economy, he is swept up into The Invisible War, a hidden world of cyber, economic, psychological and sometimes physical violence between nations, corporations and shadowy intelligence groups. The US military recruits Garrett to help fight that war, and gathers a team of prodigies and misfits to help him. Garrett and his team quickly discover that it is the Chinese who are behind the attacks, and the war ramps up to a critical level. But why they are doing it — a mystery to Garrett — will be central to stopping them.

Then Garrett, a guy who has trouble following orders from anyone,  much less a committee of generals and bureaucrats, begins to form his own ideas about what constitutes loyalty, bravery and patriotism. With World War III hanging in the balance, Garrett goes his own way, disappearing underground, while the police, intelligence agents, and a potential terrorist cell try to hunt him down and kill him.