Today's the big day. Publication date. Feel free to wander down to your local bookstore and buy The Ascendant. Buy more than one -- it makes for a great gift. Or a door stop. (Actually, it's not really thick enough for a door stop. Maybe something to put your morning coffee on, so it doesn't [...]

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GMA clip

Just for fun, here is my interview on Good Morning America: http://gma.yahoo.com/video/assets-writer-releases-thriller-novel-131107141.html

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The publicity machine

So as I gear up for the final roll out of The Ascendant, I'm doing more and more press: radio interviews, an appearance on Good Morning America, book readings and signings at bookstores. This is a brand new world to me. As a screenwriter, you get interviewed every once in a while by a specialty [...]

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Good Morning America

I'll write about my experience on the morning program tomorrow. But I thought I would post a few photos tonight. This one is me talking to David Muir, the host.  And then this one is my favorite,  a screen grab of my book being projected on the Good Morning America Jumbotron that looks out over [...]

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A confluence of events

As someone who has been at this writing thing for many a year, I can say with certainty that it is better to be too busy than not busy enough. There have been plenty of days in the past when I sat waiting for the phone to ring. (Actually, there were plenty of weeks, months, [...]

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Good Morning Lithuania

My relationship to Lithuania is a complicated one. (Isn't everyone's?) I had to make an emergency trip there last week, to help guide our final episodes across the production finish line. It was hard work, but it was worth it, and all went well. We wrapped filming, and now The Assets will air on January [...]

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Gearing up for pub date

Or publication date, as we laymen say. A friend of my mother's took this while strolling down Broadway on the upper west side of Manhattan. Of course my mom -- bless her heart -- sent it to me right away, and so I am sharing it with the world. I know it is unseemly to [...]

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Ascendant in other languages

So, as publication date nears, the foreign titles and book covers are rolling in. Below are a selection from the UK, Italy and Germany. The titles don't bear much resemblance to each other, but I think the covers are oddly related. A lot of storm clouds, dark colors, NYC skyline in the distance. First up, [...]

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How busy is too busy?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that read -- Stop the glorification of busy. That gave me pause. Right now, I am as busy as I have ever been in my life. A book coming out, a TV show to edit and finish producing, a new pilot script to write, and most [...]

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Getting testy

I have to say, it's wonderful to have time to read the paper and blog again. But it is a double-edged sword: you catch up on the news, and the news just makes you nervous. Or downright terrified. Case in point: The NY Times reports this morning that the US flew B-52s on a training [...]

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