Bond analyst Garrett Reilly’s photographic memory and reflexive ability to identify patterns are the secrets behind his ability to score impressive profits, and when he spots a massive off-loading of U.S. Treasury bonds by Chinese interests, he’s expecting impending riches and congratulations from his mentor, Avery Bernstein. But Bernstein fears impending economic devastation, and immediately contacts the Treasury Department. The next morning Garrett narrowly avoids an explosion in front of his office. He’s rescued by a covert Defense Intelligence Agency whose leaders share Garrett’s theory that China is launching a new, invisible war against the U.S., and the group needs him to identify hidden patterns of attack and strategize a counteroffensive. Teamed with a political scientist, a linguist, and a military expert, Garrett quickly pinpoints fresh attacks on weapons production, electrical grids, and technology infrastructure. But competing interests in the highest levels of government won’t tolerate his threat to traditional warfare, and they want the DIA’s secret weapon, Garrett, killed. Chapman’s novel is The Hunt for Red October meets Hackers, complete with a host of unforgettable characters. Chapman skillfully renders complex technology and political ideology accessible, smoothly folding it into the narrative. Refreshingly, Chinese and American cultures are evenhandedly explored through parallel story arcs where protagonists on both sides are pitted against government factions. This debut is a must-read for international thriller fans, and makes a great pairing with A. X. Ahmad’s The Caretaker (2013).