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Gearing up for pub date

Or publication date, as we laymen say. A friend of my mother's took this while strolling down Broadway on the upper west side of Manhattan. Of course my mom -- bless her heart -- sent it to me right away, and so I am sharing it with the world. I know it is unseemly to [...]

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Ascendant in other languages

So, as publication date nears, the foreign titles and book covers are rolling in. Below are a selection from the UK, Italy and Germany. The titles don't bear much resemblance to each other, but I think the covers are oddly related. A lot of storm clouds, dark colors, NYC skyline in the distance. First up, [...]

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How busy is too busy?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that read -- Stop the glorification of busy. That gave me pause. Right now, I am as busy as I have ever been in my life. A book coming out, a TV show to edit and finish producing, a new pilot script to write, and most [...]

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Getting testy

I have to say, it's wonderful to have time to read the paper and blog again. But it is a double-edged sword: you catch up on the news, and the news just makes you nervous. Or downright terrified. Case in point: The NY Times reports this morning that the US flew B-52s on a training [...]

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Ascendant book tour

So Simon & Schuster has set up some preliminary dates for The Ascendant book tour, and here they are: The book comes out January 7th, 2014. The next morning, January 8th, I'm scheduled to be on Good Morning America. Yes, I'm nervous about that, and yes, I have convinced myself that they will bump me [...]

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Working round the clock

As some of you know, I’ve been writing and producing a limited series for ABC called The Assets. It’s a great project, eight hours of programming, from a true story, about the final years of the Cold War and the battles between the CIA and the KGB. The first episode, which I wrote, is scheduled to air January 2nd, 2014, at 10 p.m. Dawn in Vilnius, Lithuania Part of the fun — and hardship — of showrunning The Assets is that it is a period piece, much of it set in Moscow in the 1980’s. So we had to find a place that looked like Moscow behind the Iron Curtain. Shooting in real life Moscow was out of the question. For one thing, modern Moscow is full of billboards and fancy modern cars and skyscrapers, so finding angles that can pass for 30 years ago is hard. For another, Russia now is so expensive and corrupt that shooting there is both prohibitive and dangerous. We were told that it would be hard to insure the production, and that for every dollar you spend in the budget, you need another dollar just for bribes.  […]

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The new site, up and running

Okay, I am back from the wilds of Eastern Europe (more on that later), and am turning my attention to two things: getting ready for book one of The Ascendant to come out, and finishing book two. To accomplish task one, I've revamped my web site. So now it's a splash page for the book, [...]

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In scripted TV, now is the boom era

You often read about how network television is dead. About how TV is an outdated medium. That social networking is more important, that Americans want video games or micro brews in artisanal bars in hipster neighborhoods. That they are sick of sitting in front of the boob tube, as it was once known. Part of these arguments are true. But they are also, at the same time, dead wrong. TV has never been stronger or more relevant to American culture. TV shows are the things that shape the cultural conversations in this country — Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones. People pay attention to these shows in a way that they never have before. They filter into everyday life the way movies or books used to — but no longer do.  Just think about Breaking Bad’s “Tread lightly,” or Mad Men’s Ludlow suit style, or HBO’s continuing use of “sexposition.” Cultural iconography, started by TV shows. And scripted programming — the making of filmed dramas to be shown on your TV, computer or phone or tablet — is a boom industry. Seriously, things have never been more prosperous.  […]

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The curse of hard work

Sometimes you work so hard, for so long, that you forget what it is like to take a day off. You forget why you are working. The job becomes an end unto itself. Your only thought, from the moment you wake up, is to how you are going to get the work done in the allotted time, and how you will make the best possible product. You — I guess “I” would be the more proper personal pronoun — become work obsessed. The job is all. There is nothing else. This is the curse of the hard-working, responsible, middle-class American. We are so invested in our careers, so caught up in what our jobs say about us, that we have trouble letting go of that job. Even just for a day — and a Sunday at that. […]

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Russia and the law

Russia issued an advisory to its citizens travelling abroad to avoid going to countries that have an extradition treaty with the United States. Article from the NY Times here. I guess the US nabbed a Russian as he was visiting the Dominican Republic in July. The guy was wanted for cyber crimes. He was hauled back [...]

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