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Kirkus reviews The King of Fear

The people at Kirkus loved The Ascendant, and they seem to be following up that sentiment with The King of Fear. Here's the review, in all its glory, and don't think for a moment that I don't sweat it out while waiting for these to come in! KIRKUS REVIEW Dec. 22, 2015 Terrorism, economic warfare, [...]

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The power of language

I consider myself more of a storyteller than a craftsman of fine language. I shy away from books that rely on the poetry of their prose as opposed to the compelling nature of their plot and character. I guess that's why I write TV as well as books -- I like plot. I like when [...]

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Reality changes things

In between football games this weekend I was flipping channels and I happened on a network I'd never seen before: The Esquire Channel. They were running an all day marathon of a reality show called Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. (You can guess what it was about.) Of course I had to take a look. The show [...]

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Children leave the nest

I have a kid in college. Another one in high school. But I also have one on Amazon.com, and another on TNT. And I can't control any of them. It is an old trope that your creative endeavors are your children, but there is a lot of truth in that cliche. Like children, your book [...]

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Pub Date!

Today is the day. Part one of my next book, The King of Fear, is being released digitally. It's available on the iTunes store, at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and anywhere else you get your digital eBooks. The whole thing is a bit of a marketing experiment by my publisher, Simon & Schuster. It's a callback to [...]

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My random life

I've always loved the idea that random events cluster. It's a basic principal of statistics -- if you flip a coin a bunch of times, even though your odds of heads or tails are 50-50 for each toss, you will almost certainly get a run of exclusively heads or tails at some point. And sometimes [...]

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The Ascendant: Kirkus Reviews

TV writer Chapman’s debut novel is a nonstop chase scene through the global connectivity of our times. China and the U.S. face off away from the reporters and photo-ops, leaving intentions and gambits visible only to those who can see the patterns contained in a barrage of news reports, stock and futures trading activity, and [...]

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The Ascendant: C.J. Box

Like his intriguing protagonist Garrett Reilly, author Drew Chapman possesses startling skills and this first novel just blows the doors off. The Ascendant is a rollicking, globe-hopping, timely and prescient page-turner—a Twenty-First Century thriller that once begun refuses to yield or loosen its grip on the reader. A stunning debut. -C.J. Box, New York Times [...]

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The Ascendant: Alafair Burke

Political thriller? International thriller? Financial thriller? Whatever you call it, The Ascendant is smart, edgy, fast-paced storytelling at its best. Its unlikely hero, Garrett Reilly, reminded me of a young Jack Reacher as a tech-savvy bond analyst. Drew Chapman is a debut novelist to watch.” -Alafair Burke, bestselling author of If You Were Here Order [...]

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Bond analyst Garrett Reilly’s photographic memory and reflexive ability to identify patterns are the secrets behind his ability to score impressive profits, and when he spots a massive off-loading of U.S. Treasury bonds by Chinese interests, he’s expecting impending riches and congratulations from his mentor, Avery Bernstein. But Bernstein fears impending economic devastation, and immediately [...]

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