So Simon & Schuster has set up some preliminary dates for The Ascendant book tour, and here they are:

The book comes out January 7th, 2014.

The next morning, January 8th, I’m scheduled to be on Good Morning America. Yes, I’m nervous about that, and yes, I have convinced myself that they will bump me from the show at the last minute and I will lie on the sidewalk and weep. But if all goes well and the river don’t rise, I will be sitting with Robin and George on that fine January morning and extolling the virtues of my book.

That evening — Wednesday, January 8th — I will be at the Barnes & Noble on 83rd and Broadway doing a reading. So all you New Yorkers who have a free evening, come on over to the west side of Manhattan and say hello. My mother will be there, and she is a sweet woman, and very loyal to her son, so please don’t disappoint her by staying home.

The next day, January 9th, I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Washington DC.¬†All Defense Intelligence Agency employees who attend and show ID will get a free round of beers from me after the reading.

Then it’s on to Phoenix, on the 10th of January, where I’ll be reading at the Poisoned Pen. Very excited about that event. I’ve heard great things about the bookstore.

On the afternoon of Saturday the 11th of January we continue west to Redondo Beach, and the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, one of my absolute favorite bookstores in the world. If you’re a thriller/mystery/fantasy/sci-fi fan, you have to check this place out. It rocks.

Next up. Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, on Monday, the 13th of January. Great bookstore, and I expect all my Hollywood buddies to show up. So if you’re looking to score an agent or an overall deal, this would be a good event to attend.

Then north to Seattle, and Third Place Books on Tuesday the 14th. Third Place is a fantastic bookstore, and a great place for readings. Every single one of my friends in Seattle better show up for this one. Or else.

And finally, a daytime reading and signing on the 15th, at Seattle Mystery Bookshop, in downtown Seattle. This place is a gem, so if you have any lunch hour time, swing by, I will be handing out signatures and free coffee.

If you’re reading this, I really, sincerely hope you’ll show up to one of these events. I love meeting readers of all shapes and sizes, and I will try my best to be entertaining.